Pat Rea
1995 Colorado Golf Hall of Fame Inductee

Pat Rea was born in Stockton, Kan., in 1932 and was the head professional at Pueblo Country Club from 1957-97. This 40-year span at one club may be unrivaled in Colorado.

An outstanding teacher as well as a player, Pat has coached and supported the University of Southern Colorado (now known as CSU-Pueblo) golf team pro bono and has been a strong advocate for junior golf for years. He served as secretary and later on the board of the Colorado PGA, which he joined in 1957. Pat has played in three U.S. Opens and two PGA Championships, and has won the Colorado Open in 1975, the Wyoming Open, the Mile High Open, the Southern Colorado Open, the Colorado PGA Championship, and the Colorado PGA Senior Championship (twice). He was named Colorado PGA Player of the Year in 1976.

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