Richard C. Campbell

Inducted 1980

Dick Campbell’s contributions have made Colorado golf what it is today. As president of the Colorado Golf Association in 1958, he merged the CGA and Denver District Golf Association into one unified organization. With his new CGA, Dick worked to correct the inaccurate handicaps and course ratings that were prevalent in this state. He developed a new rating system, more in line with USGA procedures, and created a centralized handicap computation service. He instituted a rotation program to move the Stroke Play and Match Play Championships around, from course to course and even outside Denver. Finally, with the help of fellow golfer and ballistic engineer Dr. Hugh Cox, Dick convinced the USGA to recognize a seven per cent distance correction for altitude, providing additional improvements in CGA ratings and handicaps.

In 1961, Campbell wanted to provide financial aid for deserving college-bound junior golfers in Colorado. He corresponded with President Dwight Eisenhower and received permission to use his name in developing a scholarship fund, a privilege Ike seldom granted. In 1963, the Eisenhower Scholarship merged with the Chicago-based Evans Scholarship to form the Eisenhower-Evans program. Four years later, he purchased the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house at CU to become the E-E house, which boasts hundreds of graduates.

In 1978, Campbell and others formed the Colorado Golf Foundation, a non-profit organization which supports the CGA’s junior golf program, golf-related research, and the E-E fund. The CGA Match Play Championship trophy was named for him in 1979.

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