Thayer Tutt

Inducted 1975

Practically every element of Colorado Springs’ sports history, be it major tournament golf at the Broadmoor, Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, Colorado College hockey or whatever, was either born or nurtured in the fertile mind of Thayer Tutt.

Tutt was responsible for expanding the Broadmoor’s golf operation from 18 to 54 holes, for attracting two U.S. Amateurs and a U.S. Women’s Amateur to the Broadmoor, along with the Curtis Cup and Western Amateur. He formed the World Senior Golf Association in 1960, served as president and directed the tournaments. He played a major role in the evolution of the Broadmoor Men’s and Ladies’ Invitation tournaments.

Tutt was a driving force in bringing the U.S. Olympic Committee to Colorado Springs, was saluted eternally as “Mr. Amateur Hockey,” and was responsible for the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame. He did it all with style, all the while crediting others for getting the job done.

Robert M. Kirchner