Charlie Keller

Inducted 1995

The late Charlie Keller, considered the father of the handicapping system in Colorado, was born in Fletcher, Ohio, in 1900, but grew up in Denver. Keller graduated from North High School and, in 1923, from the University of Colorado.

A longtime member of Lakewood Country Club, Keller was a master administrator. He served with the Denver District Golf Association for 33 years. He headed the Colorado Golf Association’s Course Rating Committee from 1948-1980 and also served on the United States Golf Association’s Handicap Committee for 22 years as an expert in handicapping procedures. For 21 years Keller served as secretary/treasurer of the Colorado Senior Golf Association. After a lifetime of service in golf administration, Keller was honored by the Colorado Golf Association in 1981 when he was named a Governor Emeritus.

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